As we go through life,  at some time we come to the point where we stop and ask,

“Is there a meaning in life?”

“Do I have a purpose?”

“What is my life’s purpose?”

Every month, nearly 100,000 people key similar searches into their computer, iPhone, or laptop. Maybe you are one of those people and that’s how you came across this page. If so, welcome! Have a look around, and please stay a while. You’ll find pictures, posts and quotes on the themes of purpose, meaning, and sometimes even destiny.

Get in touch if you have any suggestions, links, or a story of your own to share with us.

We hope you’ll enjoy everything (or at least 99.99% of the things) you’ll find here at A Purposed Life. Please like us on Facebook and spread the word!

Oh, and in case we didn’t mention it above … yes, your life has meaning. You are here on earth for a purpose. And it’s a wonderful one. We hope that, if you haven’t discovered it yet, the stories and songs, thoughts and themes you’ll find here will take you a few more steps in that direction.

We’re happy to be on this journey with you!


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