Rocking to Worship

Kutless It Is WellWhen my husband and I went with our kids to the Rock ‘n’ Worship Roadshow in spring, Dan bought me Kutless’ worship album “It is Well.” He hadn’t been planning to get it, but picked it up after we saw the way the singers worked together that evening.

Jeremy Camp was one of the last bands to come on stage and sing. Kutless had already finished their numbers, and the crowd was roaring with excitement when Jeremy Camp began with Reckless. The only problem was that he had laryngitis. He started off really well, but couldn’t hit the high notes. In fact, he could barely talk. He did talk, and the things he said were deep and touching and beautiful. And when he sang, Jon Micah Sumrall from Kutless and Adam Cappa stood at the back of the stage and sang with him.

The effect was beautiful … not just their singing, but just that they were there, standing together, singing to glorify God. So when Dan saw their worship album, he picked it up.

We keep it in the van, and every time our family goes somewhere together, my youngest, Aiden, will pipe up with, “Can we listen to ‘It is Well with my Soul‘?” So I’ll put it on, the music will start to play, and he’ll invariably ask, “Can you turn it up louder?”

So Dan will be driving and the kids will be rocking out in the back to the beat of Kutless’ “It is Well.” I’ll look back at them and they’ll suddenly sit still, as if they weren’t dancing along. Once I look away, they start rocking along again.

One day I looked at the CD jacket and read Kutless’ story of creating the worship album. I thought it was great how they came together, worshiped and read and prayed, and their time was blessed with beautiful experiences that brought the focus back where it should be — on God.

Isn’t that the ultimate purpose of anything we do?

From February through May 2009 we poured over hundreds of songs. We looked for songs that had a special meaning to us, songs that were traditional, songs that were modern, and songs we could make our own. …

We recorded in late May and early June at a beautiful 300-acre hazelnut farm south of Portland, OR. The recording process was unique for us for many reasons. For one, it was our first project to co-produce, and secondly, we recorded in the living room of a farmhouse. We also met as a band every morning and dug into the Word and prayed knowing God was there. There was freedom, laughter, and unity. We had one of those incredible experiences that happen to Christ-followers.

We started with a goal, but, through the process, God took that goal and turned it back around to Himself. The quest for a special album became a unique time for us to go deeper in worship. The goal of composing original songs became a time for us to grow in our love and appreciation of each other. The epiphany for us was that the purpose of a worship record was to reflect who God is – His peace, freedom, power, and ability to help us grow in relationship with Him and others. In the end, this “unique” experience happened to us in the making of IT IS WELL.


About Bonita Jewel

Bonita Jewel is an author and blogger who writes on a variety of themes, including: Literature & poetry Writing Parenting Purpose After living in India from the age of 16 to 28, she returned to California with her husband and three children. She is pursuing a Degree at Fresno State University. Bonita teaches community education at Clovis Adult. Her courses include Blogging Basics, Power Editing, Creative Writing, and Working from Home. She also freelances as an editor, ghostwriter, and writing coach. Her greatest passions are her family, her faith, writing, and reading. Bonita Jewel has been reading since she was 2 ½. Thirty years later, she still loves the magic and mystery of the written word. She is slowly breathing life into roughly 50 novels and nearly as many nonfiction works, depending on which plot or character seizes her interest at any given time. Please connect with Bonita at:
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